This post is going to be short AF for 1 simple reason: school has started. I don’t have any time to do anything except studying anymore: my school is that rigorous. I have six core classes (including 2 foreign languages, español and français), an AP, and a bunch of other classes (get hyped for Painting? AcaDec? Engineering…? Anyone? No?).

In short, I’ll be really busy, and the chances of me posting regularly will be basically nil. But I still love to write & will do so in whatever free time I still have.

To prevent you from getting (even more) bored, I have some more interesting stuff to talk about: I spent an amazing summer this year, and it was a summer full of adventure, fun, experimentation, and (trying to be) fierce (turned out I would never make a tiger).

I still haven’t finished writing one last post about the summer of 2K16, and as soon as I do, I will post it. But…yeah. That’s basically it for today, and if you have anything about your summer/back to school experience that you want to share, I would appreciate if you would leave your thoughts in the comments below. See you later!


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