a [FaILed?] aTTemPt aT sTReaM oF ConSCIouSneSs pOEtrY

THIs iS by FaR thE FUCKiesT thINg i’VE evEr WriTtEn aND yes i bElieVE in RANDOm CaPITALizatioN iT’s JuST tHAT IF I EVEr Do tHIs oN a test TheY wILL dOck ME POintS anD If i EVeR TyPe thIs lIke i’M doING NoW, auTocoRRECT geTs So pISSY I’m IN THE MooD for jENNamarblEs bUT i’M toO buSY doiNG tHIs. ThIS iS thE MoST Fun thinG i’vE DOnE iN MayBE MONths. I’m NOT FUckING KidDInG. wORDPresS iS ActUaLLY NiCE eNOugh to NoT AuTOCOrreCT CapITALizATion, WhICh iS UsUALLY annOYinG BuT GreaT fOR My PurPoseS ToDAY…HaLLoWEen MakES PeoPle Wear eERie costumES, it’S sO GrEAT WatChING thE OthERS AnD I’VE JusT ReaLIZed i HaVE WaSTEd a FrEE & StILL HavE a ShiT ToN of HOmEwoRk.


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