Existential Dread…?

*Disclaimer: These are just the thoughts of me in a weird mood…also, I sincerely apologize in advance for the numerous phrases/sentences in parentheses & quote marks; the only reasons they exist are b/c I do not want anyone confused/getting the wrong impression, & I really was feeling quite cynical while writing this…*

With the advent of a new year, I’ve been thinking a lot about the future lately. And yes, I’ve been thinking, and thinking, and thinking, and…dreading.

The way I think about it, life really is quite pointless.

No matter how great the lives we live, at the end it’s all pretty similar: we are born, we grow up (with varying amounts of time in the education system, but most of us reading this probably have had at least a couple years of schooling), we work till we can’t anymore, we retire, we wait for death, declining in facilities both mental & physical, and then we die.

Somewhere between school & retirement most of us find a spouse & produce a family. Then more than half of us in America get divorced (& some, I presume, remarry).

And we are similar even in the “simple pleasures of life”: in our youth, it’s getting away w/ breaking some minor rule or getting an extra piece of candy; in our adolescence, it may be finally getting to date a romantic interest (“crush”), getting drunk/high for the first time, or getting into our dream college; in our adulthood, it’s getting a raise or watching kids play & grow up; in our old age, it’s having our kids & friends visit us, & potentially reminisce over past achievements. And of course, through all this, there’s always the pleasure of watching a tweet/blog post gain a gazillion views/likes…:)

But anyway, for me, life has basically become an institution with no escape. And of course, many of us die before we can complete the whole birth-to-death “routine,” but in a developed country like the U.S., that does not happen too often. (And of course, it shouldn’t. It really is heart-wrenching when a child w/ a potentially bright future gets taken away for no good reason.)

Some are more “successful” (I’ll explain the reason behind the quote marks in a later post) than others during this routine, but no matter who we are, we all end up the same way: dead. (And, no, I am not going to go into theology here.)

So even if you invent a million things, make a billion brilliant ideas come true, make the world do a 180 on the way it sees things, and make twenty billion dollars, “ya can’t take it with ya.” Sure, posterity will be able to use those things, but posterity will also be dead sooner or later, and they can’t take it w/ them, so, really, what’s the fucking point?

But the saddest thing, in my opinion, however, is that even though we’re all so similar, we still can’t seem to get along: I mean, just look at the Presidential Election, terrorism, etc., and even the minor day-to-day jealous quibbles between coworkers & child/teen struggles w/ bullying/”high school drama” (a.k.a. generally mean folk).

I really don’t know how to end this post, except that even though we’re all doomed, I think we should at least try not to make our own lives & other people’s lives harder & more miserable than they have to be…happy 2K17, everyone?


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