3 Types of Leaders

*Disclaimer: this may be a gross overgeneralization, but this may come from the fact that now I am completely fed up w/ most-all authority.*

The “Rebel Leader”
Isn’t this pretty much self-explanatory? The Steve Jobs-esque guy who’s completely fed up w/ all the shit of this world & wants to create something new, even a new world order? But anyway, this type of leader is subdivided into two major subcategories.

a. The “Mother Teresa”

This is the eternal saint, the one who plans to change the world for the better, but conscientiously, gently, kindly. This is also the leader whom everyone loves.

b. The “Steve Jobs”

Jobs was a visionary asshole. He was willing to fire longtime employees w/o prior notice whatsoever (or severance pay) just to keep his company alive & cut down costs. This type may also be the essential tyrant, but at least he’s a tyrant w/ a visionary goal, a goal higher than just $, power, & more $.


The one who actually believes in the current status quo

No matter the fact that they’re already thirty-eight; these unthinking “sheeple” never grown up from that five-year-old mindset that the teacher or the parent is always right. They follow every rule & are “model citizens” in every atom of their being, not because they have to do so in order to keep themselves out of trouble, but because they actually believe that it is only right to do so, and many even bring morals and fucking ethics into the argument – if you’ve broken one goddamn tiny-ass rule, they’ll say you’re being an unethical, horrible person, no matter how stupid or unfair the rule is. These are the ones who made the Nazi Party what it was, with the Holocaust and all the casualties of WWII. They’re the ones who made the Soviet Union what it was, with all the gulags and oppression. In brief, most of the world’s large-scale evil can be traced back to these shitheads.


The “ruthless manipulator”

This type of leader simply doesn’t have a conscience. (S)He may be a demagogue, a firebrand who manipulates the masses’ anger to his/her own benefit and to increase his/her own power. A highly controversial example of this may be Napoleon Bonaparte, though, as I said, this is controversial and debatable, since some may actually argue that he belongs to type 1b). But that’s a little arbitrary: the type of ruthless manipulator that I hate the most is not the demagogue type; rather, it’s the type who flatters & sucks up to superiors & fucks others over, who pretends to be Type 2 though Type 3 fits the bill a hell of a lot more, as they act just to benefit themselves, oftentimes at the expense of numerous others.


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