A Rainy Day

It rained on the park bench. And a drab, dirty, miserable at that.

It rained on the homeless man laying upon it, every fiber of whose being shuddered at the sound of every splattering drop in the drenched coldness of despair.

It rained on the fallen, forgotten crabapple, half-smushed by the feet of pedestrians past.

It rained on the back of the dead, rotting squirrel corpse in the middle of the road. In its eternal sleep one may discern even a relieved look, as if it had finally escaped the burdens that haunted it in life.

It rained on the dirty, discarded shoelace chewed up by its owner’s pet Pomeranian.

It rained on the schoolchildren flinging mud at their smallest classmate. Without seeing them, one could never imagine a look of such sadistic malice in such synergy with faces so young.

It rained on the garden of the corner café, meshing the cozy, toasty aromas it emanated with the fresh odor of fallen rain on newly-cut grass.

It rained on the lovers held together by nothing in common but a shared fear of being alone. They kissed desperately, almost as if to drown their sinister thoughts and impulses in their passion.

It rained on the rapturous newlywed couple walking hand in hand from the local church, oblivious to all but their nuptial bliss.

It rained on the half-naked unemployed man reading his eviction notice as he walked, glancing up only to glimpse at the town millionaire’s white house. But he didn’t linger, no, he didn’t need any cop fining him for disturbing the peace on private property.

It rained on the mayor, ruining her thousand-dollar pantsuit and frizzling her neatly-tucked hair.

It rained on the law student suddenly awake from an unintended nap session on his shared patio with three other students. A tort law textbook turned to page 208, now with ink running down the page, falls from his lap as he stands up and slaps his own face to commence another evening of heavy cramming.

It rained on the aspiring musical actress running home from catching a break in the café, eager to resume her vocal training with a new Hamilton songbook.

It rained on the cemetery, eroding the barely-legible epitaphs engraved on the sunken tombstones of the forgotten deceased of times long past.

It rained on the smiling widow watering her petunias. Has she found peace at last?

It rained on all our hearts.


We Grew up at Midnight.

The streets are empty. The night is dark. The earth is quiet save for the sound of my own footsteps, meandering through the darkness. I’m kept from falling by nothing but the soft moonlight drifting through the clouds. A couple of stars twinkle in the sky, beckoning my eyes upward. I walk with no aim, no purpose, no reason, save that of pure escape. Now, walking is not a means to an end. It is its own end.

Tomorrow, I’ll have officially seen fifteen summers. So maybe I really haven’t seen enough to judge. But I get this feeling that maybe, just maybe, I’ve seen too much. Of human kindness, human ecstasy, human ambition, human frailty, human sorrow, human hatred, human revenge…humans in general.

And I realized that many people hated me. But I also realized that having one or two people who loved me and a dozen who hated me is better than having nobody at all feel anything at all toward me. The ones who love me make up for anything and everything the ones who hate me can do or say toward me.

And I found out that no matter how hard you work behind the scenes to achieve the amount of success you have, people will step up shamelessly to defame you, crying “dishonest,” “cunt,” “unworthy.” But I also found out that the only reason these pathetic bitches slander other people out of pure spite and jealousy is that deep down, they’re the ones who feel the most empty and unworthy, and only mind others’ business in order to feel better about themselves. And at the end of the day, they’re the reason behind most of the pain, envy, and hatred in the world.

And I found out that the ones you loved and were so good to might be the ones who end up fucking you over. But I only wish that didn’t matter. Because though I shall always remember that “love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love, cannot be killed or swept aside,” how much does it take for one to realize that love indeed is not all you need?

And I realized that I am unconsciously selfish. But it’s not even my intention that I get all stuck on the nitty-gritty and forget sometimes to reach out to others. For what is the point of existence beside to minimize suffering and maximize happiness for every life we touch?

But despite all this, I still have no idea what I’m doing. I still have yet to figure myself out emotionally, socially, mentally…I am anxious and depressed, socially inept, and though people think I’m smart, goddammit I fuckin’ ain’t, at most things. It’s just that many people equate smartness with good grades. Let’s see how wrong they actually are in 10 years.

So I don’t know how to deal with people; goddammit, I don’t even know who I am, what I want to do with my own life, let alone how to enter the lives of others. And I guess that’s okay. I may not grow up at midnight; I may not grow up at twenty-one; I may never grow up. But that’s okay…or so I hope.


I scream your name in my nightmares.
I thought it was over.
So why is your ghost here knocking at the door?

You taught me to enjoy the now,
‘cause a forever is only made of ever so many of them.

Yes, you told me to forget forever,
‘cause we always knew we weren’t going to last.
You told me that neither a tsunami’s revolting aftermath nor its ephemerality can make its enormous, dangerous waves any less beautiful.

You gave me courage,
Yes, courage,
Or at least enough of it for me to look Past in the eye and tell it to go fuck itself,
Enough of it for me to look Future in the eye and say “yes, I’m ready for whatever you bring.”
Enough of it for me to look Present in the eye and say “I love you,”
Enough of it for me to embrace change.

Yes, you let me enjoy change,
with your beautiful smiling eyes, the color of which I never quite put my finger on, probably because they themselves were always changing.
How ironic that I don’t enjoy this status change to single.

Even thinking of you makes me dizzy, lightheaded, nauseous.
What has happened to my former sane self?

Crazy at a 2 a.m. on a Saturday, I can’t help wondering if you regret things too;
I can’t help thinking, hoping even, that you may be scribbling the same tropes in your house, maybe on a Tuesday night after you’re tired from that stupid-ass job you’d always hated even more than eating the cookie parts of an Oreo.

But no, I’m sure you’ve moved on.
Your ghost told me that you’re doing just fine;
Yes, he did,
in that same sexy motherfucking voice as the one I’ll always remember in that moment you told me everything was going to turn out just fine.

But maybe that’s just a surface impression.
‘Cause I’ve moved on too, on the surface at least.

Quit thinking. Shut your eyes. Sleep, I tell myself, but to no avail.
No, I don’t obey my own orders, no, not when your ghost is ready to burst in through the door with a laugh and a “You won’t believe what happened today.”

I never showed you the darkest parts of me,
No, not the most horrendous impulses,
No, never the horrific thoughts from the dried blood on the stitches in my heart.

But still I think you knew,
Yeah, you did.

And you weaned me from them,
You did it, with your perfect smile,
Yes, Demon, you did have the smile of a fucking Angel.

But it’s fine.
Yeah, it’s alright.
I’m only bleeding.

Silence: Type 1






The clock ticked as half the class sat open-jawed. The whole room was enveloped in a hopeless silence, a silence unbreakable after the teacher yelled at Ashley that she was a “stupid, fat waste of space.”

My first reaction was panic, but then, all I wanted to do was slap that Mr. Jones. Ashley may be probably the stupidest kid in the class, but she was also by far the nicest. She gets picked on all the time, but the truth is that she’s just misunderstood and underappreciated.

Apparently, no teacher cares about how she went hungry for lunch one day after giving her own bagged lunch to a homeless person that she’s never even met before. No teacher cares about that type of thing. All they care about is the last test she flunked.

I wanted to say something, but I didn’t want to get myself into shit. So, I stayed silent.

And the class gaped and sat silent.



The clock ticked and tocked, until it hit the 3:45 mark. Slowly and solemnly, we all filed out of the classroom, some of us too angry to laugh or talk, others too scared of Mr. Jones to do so.


I was crying in the dark, taking care that my crying doesn’t turn into sobs, taking care that he doesn’t hear me, taking care that I at least appear strong on the surface.

Let’s just say that I failed miserably.

I was thinking about all the times that he manipulated me, like the other day when he threatened to leave with her, when he told me that he wouldn’t love me anymore if I told them, when he tied me to that chair, when two days later I was stupid enough to tell him that I still loved him.

I lay there without a sound, thinking to myself, rivers of tears flowing uncontrollably down my cheeks.

I turned over.

My hot tears had already cooled on my pillow, the result being that I was basically laying in a cold swamp of damp feathers and cloth. I know I had basically ruined my pillow, so I commanded myself to quit crying, but it just wouldn’t happen. It’s like the tears were alive with a mind of their own.

I wanted to go to the bathroom. His arm was around me, so I knew I’d risk waking him up, but at that moment, I simply didn’t have any shits to give anymore.

So I gently got his arm off of me, got up, and looked back. Okay. Still clear: he still seemed sound asleep. I tried to walk to the bathroom, and nearly tripped in the darkness.

I sat on the toilet lid for a while, trying to calm myself down (to limited success).

Then I took an aspirin and went back to bed, this time without tears but with a bad case of hiccups.

I tried to think my life through: how in the actual fuck did I get involved in such a screwed-up, toxic relationship. And the answer…

I have no fucking clue whatsoever.

Maybe it’s just one of those relationships where we have this twisted love of each other.

It’s where I love him to death but there’s still a deep, wide gap between us, a dark abyss of unknowns to wade through before we actually get to know each other.

And both of us are too afraid to start, to break the silence.

Maybe it’s ‘cuz we both want to love, to be loved, to have the feeling that someone will actually give a shit if we died tomorrow.

And ‘cuz both of us know that our real personalities aren’t all that lovable.

Or that we just love this aura of mystery, of not knowing each other too well, of…

“Zing! Zing! Zing!”

My alarm went off.

I was laying on the bed in a confused mess when he came into the room. I asked him the time.

He said, “Honey, it’s 2 in the afternoon.”

I relaxed. I could finally see why the night seemed so long.

Two minutes later, I was brushing my teeth, the familiar feeling of his hand in my hair. My reason told me to shrug off that arm, get away from him as fast as possible, but I somehow simply couldn’t do any more than just theorize about leaving him.

Half an hour later, we were making love again.



It was 3 a.m.

My calculator read 12.35603. I hovered for a moment between truncating and rounding up. Just to be on the safe side, I wrote down 12.36.

Whew. Another subject done. Two to go…Science and History, right? Wait, or did I also have homework for French?

I logged onto Veracross, and checked what I still had to do for tomorrow. I crossed my fingers, hoping that I could go to sleep before 4 a.m.

The website loaded.

And it loaded.

And loaded…

And loaded…

Just fucking tell me what I have for homework tonight already, you asshole of a computer!


Beach ball.

Oh, shit. The Beach Ball of death…again.

I shut all my windows and reopened them, all the while wishing that I were dead already.

I stretched a little, hoping that it would help my headache: my head was spinning with fatigue caused by a hopeless caffeine crash resulting from drinking three cups of coffee in four hours.

For about the twentieth time in a month, I broke down.

Does everyone’s life have to be so hard? No, I don’t think so. Then I remembered the words of Ryan Higa on the topic of FWP (First World Problems). JUST SUCK IT UP, I thought, the kids in Africa have it a helluva lot worseAt least I’m eating three meals a day.

The webpages slowly came back to life.

I clicked over to Calendar on Veracross to look at my assignments and possible tests and quizzes.

I blinked. I simply couldn’t believe it. My Science and History homework were all due next week, not tomorrow, not even this week. Whew. Three hours’ work saved for another night, or, should I say, another morning.

But I still had my French homework.

“#2 C’est à Toi, Traduction p. 20”

Okay. This is easy work. Unless if I’m an absolute bozo, this will go fast.

“C’est à Toi #2

  1. As-tu jamais lu le journal…”

I wrote down the answers, knowing that in my fatigue my handwriting was almost illegible. But I still kept going. After all, I simply couldn’t care about anything other than going to sleep.

4:00 a.m.

I raised my head from my desk and stretched, realizing that I’ve been in the same position for at least six hours.

I looked around, seeing the first hints of light pouring in through the cracks in the blinds.

I opened the blinds in my room.

I saw the quiet dawn outside.

The empty highway, that in less than three hours will become full of rush-hour traffic again.

The almost-invisible wisp of what you would call a cloud.

The green grass in a last gasp for life before everything turns yellow and dry.

The little sliver of what you would call a moon still holding on to the last moments of night before the day began anew.

Two beautiful stars, twinkling in the last dark before it became light again.

A Thought from a Rainy, Lonely Afternoon at Camp

Running, running, running,
away from the monster of a shadow that chases me.

Turning, turning, turning,
only to find the shadow to be no more than just a shade of myself.

Looking, looking, looking
around for a direction to escape, only to find none.

Screaming, screaming, screaming,
as the shadow enlarges and gets reflected across the walls that close in around me.

Crying, crying, crying,
for the confusion, the nausea, the thousands of nameless phobias that haunt me.

Shouting, shouting, shouting
for help, only to find myself alone with the shadow that grows bigger and more powerful with every new shout.

Collapsing, collapsing, collapsing,
as I find the world whirling in a merry-go-round, growing darker and more confusing with every second that passes.

Shutting, shutting, shutting
my eyes in the pitch dark, as the shadow blocks out the sole remnant sliver of light.

Trying, trying, trying
to open them again centuries later, only to find that my eyelids have become forever glued to my eyeballs.

Standing, standing, standing
up in my own perceived eternal darkness, while the world lights up around me.

Blundering, blundering, blundering
through my internal maze filled with an infinite number of walls, while the walls outside recede and dissolve into thin air.